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Wietse Zeedijk, oprichter van Waymood

About Waymood

My father passed away in March 2020. After his cremation we started looking for an urn, but it turned out to be difficult to find something that suited him and us. In the end we had a beautiful urn glass blown for some of the ashes. We decided to spread the rest at a later time.

I am an industrial designer myself and I thought it would be nice to design a temporary stylish urn for the remainder of the ashes. I designed a simple, sleek object – a stylized candle, with personal elements.

My mother, brother and sister thought the urn was so beautiful that we decided not to scatter the ashes at all, but to divide them among four of these identical urns.

They became four personal, tangible memories that are very valuable to us as a family and formed the inspiration for the Waymood design urns.

Ash container (urn)

When I talk about the Waymood urns, people often react a bit hesitantly. Many people find the idea of an object filled with ashes of a deceased person a bit scary.

That is why the urns from our collection do not have that typical urn shape. First and foremost, they are beautifully designed, personal memories, which can of course also be used to store ashes. That makes the urn even more personal and certainly not scary.

Waymood design urnen in ebbenhout, notenhout en dennenhout
Waymood design urn met sterren en horloge als keepsake


The Waymood urn partly originated from the idea that an 'urn' is more than just an 'ash container'. The urns also have a strong function as a memorial object; a subtle, stylish monument to a loved one.

Of course, the object does not have to be filled with ash either. The smallest urn in particular is very suitable as a 'keepsake': a mini urn for storing a personal memento, such as a watch, jewelery or a letter.