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Waymood plant een boom voor iedere verkochte urn


From a sustainability point of view, we at Waymood strive to have as little impact as possible on the environment and climate. We do this through, among other things, our choice of production method, suppliers and materials.

Sustainable production

The Waymood Design Urn is a neo-crafted urn: a combination of the precision of modern technology (3D printing) and the personal touch of handicraft. With 3-d printing we only use the material that is needed, nothing extra and we therefore do not produce any waste. The printed urn is sanded manually and then stained.

Suppliers & Material

Both the print filament filled with wood fibers and the stain used have a biological origin. The wood fibers are a residual product of sawmills in Germany. The filament is delivered to us on cardboard (instead of plastic) spools.

The stain is 100% made using solar energy.

We ship the urn as much as possible with the CO2-friendly variant of the delivery services.

Is the Waymood urn completely CO2 neutral?

We do our utmost to minimize the CO2 footprint, but it is not completely neutral. After all, energy is always needed to make the urn. Because we would like to compensate for this as much as possible, a tree is planted for each urn sold via Trees for All.

All this ensures that the Waymood urns are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more in line with the idea of a sustainable cycle of life and death.

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