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The Waymood urns are available in five different sizes:

XSmall: 300ml; Small: 1 litre; Medium: 2 liters; Large: 3 litres; XLarge: 4 litres

It is good to know that the total amount of ashes from a cremation is approximately 3 to 3.5 litres. Thus, in some formats only part of the ashes can be stored.

Of course you can also choose to divide the ashes over several urns, for example as an addition to a larger urn or scattering.

Of course, the object does not have to be filled with ash. The smallest urn in particular is very suitable as a 'keepsake'; a mini urn for keeping a personal memento, such as a watch, jewelery or a letter.

Afmetingen van de Waymood urnen
Design urnen gemaakt van houtgevuld 3D-printfilament


The base material of the Waymood urns is wood-filled 3D printing filament. This PLA filament, produced in the Netherlands, is filled with wood fibers from residual flows from sawmills in Germany. This filament is bio-based, making the urns environmentally friendly.

The shell, lid and unscrewable bottom are made with this material.


After the printing process, the urn is sanded and stained or varnished with bio-stain.

When choosing stain, the natural appearance of the wood is preserved. You can choose from three wood colors, which match the three colors of wood fiber of the print filament:







In the case of an opaque lacquer, you can choose from three monumental 'timeless colours':




Engels bruin



3 urnen met 'tijdloze kleuren'
Urnen gemaakt met combinatie van handwerk en 3D-print


The Waymood urns are neo-crafted: made with the precision of modern technology (3D printing) and the personal touch of handicraft. The printed urn is sanded and then stained. Both the printing filament filled with wood fibers and the stain used have a biological origin. And for every urn a tree is planted.

The production process of Waymood urns consists of five steps:

  1. Create digital models of the personalized parts
  2. 3D printing of sleeve, lid and screwable bottom (with wood-filled filament)
  3. Sanding
  4. Lacquering (timeless colors) or staining (wood colors)
  5. Glueing the lid (top) into the sleeve


Perhaps you would like to make the object a little more personal. In addition to the choice of material, you can also personalize the following parts:

  • Top side
    • Initials, maximum 5 characters
    • Own symbol, please note that this cannot contain too much detail
  • Shell
    • 5 different designs
    • or your own line of poetry on the shell (about 15 words)
  • Bottom edge
    • Name, date and/or text

After you have ordered, we will always contact you to coordinate the personalizations with you.

Exploded view van kleine Waymood urn
Urnen binnenhuis in interieur

Indoor use

Waymood urns are intended for indoor use. The urns are not suitable for placing outdoors, because rain and direct sunlight have a negative effect on the material quality.

Divide ashes

With the Waymood urn system it is easy to distribute ashes from a cremation among the next of kin. Consider, for example, a 2 liter urn for the partner and 300ml urns for the children. The smallest urn also lends itself well as a keepsake.