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With the Waymood designer urn, you make the memory of your loved one tangible.
Easy to personalize with the online configurator.

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You personalize the Waymood design of your choice with the convenient online configurator. You personalize the Waymood design of your choice with the convenient online configurator. You can easily add the name of your loved one to the stylish basic designs, possibly with data or your own text. You also select the size and types of wood from which the urn will be composed.

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Wietse Zeedijk


To my great sadness, my father passed away in March 2020. As an industrial designer, I thought it would be nice to design a small urn for part of his ashes. My mother, brother and sister liked the result so much that we decided not to scatter the ashes, but to divide them over four of these identical urns.

It became four personal, tangible memories that were the inspiration for the Waymood designer urns.

Product information

The Waymood designer urns have a capacity of 0.3 liters, 2 liters, 3 liters or 4 liters and intended for indoor use. The urns were developed as a stylish, personal alternative to the traditional urn. They are made of wood-filled 3D printed filament and feature a solid rib structure on the inside (2, 3, 4 liter urns). The urns are first carefully sanded and then stained.

Exploded view van kleine Waymood urn

Personal, timeless design

Grief is different for everyone. It can be difficult to find an urn that gives space to your story. Which offers recognition and acknowledgement.

The Waymood urn has an understated basic design that you can easily make your own. Appropriate for your deceased loved one as well as for you, the bereaved.

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