Sustainability plays an increasing role in almost all aspects of our lives today. And so is the production of urns. Urns are a tangible reminder of a loved one who has died and often play an important role in the grieving process. It is therefore important that the production of urns be as sustainable as possible, both for the environment and for the people who work with them.


One of the most important aspects of sustainable production is the use of environmentally friendly materials. Traditionally, urns are often made of ceramic, marble or bronze. These materials are not always durable. However, there are alternatives, such as biodegradable urns made from natural materials such as bamboo, wood or seashell. Or urns made from recycled materials such as glass or paper. This ensures that the urns are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more in line with the idea of a sustainable cycle of life and death.

Working conditions

Another important aspect of sustainable production is the working conditions of the people who make the urns. Many urn factories are located in developing countries where working conditions are often poor. It is therefore important to choose urns made in factories where fair working conditions prevail. And where no child labor is allowed. This is not only good for the people who make the urns, but also for those who buy the urns. They can be able to feel safe in the knowledge that their urn was made in an ethical manner.


Sustainability also plays a role in urn distribution. Many urns are transported around the world, creating a lot of CO2 emissions. However, there are alternatives, such as producing urns locally, or choosing urns that have been transported in a sustainable manner.

Waymood Design Urns

Waymood produces urns with the latest 3D printing technology which helps reduce waste because there is no unnecessary leftover material. The PLA printing filament produced in the Netherlands is filled with wood fibers. This filament is bio-based, making the urns environmentally friendly. The production of the urns also takes place entirely in the Netherlands. We believe in the power of green, which is why we plant a tree for every urn sold through Trees For All. This is our way of contributing to a better future for our planet.

In summary, sustainability plays an increasing role in urn production. This means using environmentally friendly materials, fair working conditions and sustainable distribution. By choosing sustainable urns, such as the Waymood Design Urn, one can contribute to a better environment and a fairer world. Urns responsibly made and transported fit the values of a sustainable cycle of life and death.

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