The loss of a loved one is a profound event that everyone experiences in a unique way. Some bereaved families seek comfort and connection in preserving some of their loved one’s ashes. Dividing the ashes among multiple urns can play a role in this.

Joint reminder

For example, a larger urn with the partner and smaller urns with the children can be a way to maintain the connection between the deceased and the next of kin. This can also give a sense of shared remembrance, as everyone has the same little monument and with it a piece of the deceased.

Grieving Process

Distributing ashes can also contribute to the grieving process because it provides a tangible reminder of the deceased. This can provide a sense of closeness, which can make the grieving process a lot more bearable.

Personal choice

It is important to realize that distributing ashes is a personal choice. Some bereaved families choose to keep the ashes together, while others opt for distribution. There is no right or wrong answer and it is important to choose what best suits your situation and feelings.

Connection in mourning

Dividing ashes among multiple urns can be a unique way to connect bereaved families in their mourning. Giving each their own urn shares a memory of the deceased. While still giving everyone a personal memento. Moreover, this can also be practical. For example, when the ashes are divided between a larger urn for the partner and smaller urns for the children. Sharing a memory can also provide a sense of connection during a difficult time.

At Waymood Design Urns, we offer the option of dividing the ashes among multiple urns so that everyone has a personalized keepsake that fits their own story.