The loss of a loved one is a profound event that everyone deals with in a unique way. An important part of this is how the deceased is laid out and transported to the crematorium or cemetery. Wooden caskets are a traditional choice in funerals and cremations, but more and more alternatives to a wooden casket are available today. Below we discuss some of the popular options that are increasingly being chosen.

Alternatives to a wooden box


A shroud is a cloth or wrap that is wrapped around the body of the deceased. In addition to cotton wades, wades made of wool or embroidered wades are available that add a personal touch to the interment. These wades are often made from natural materials and are therefore also biodegradable. The body wrapped in the shroud is placed on a stretcher for transportation. On and around the wade, for example, flowers can be arranged.

Willow Basket

A willow basket is made from willow materials and is an environmentally friendly option. The soft and open structure provides a friendly accessible character. There is much freedom to use the willow basket as a floral ritual. Flowers can be inserted both at the service but also beforehand.

Cardboard box

A cardboard box is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option. They are easy to transport and can be printed with a personalized image or text. The cardboard of the cardboard coffin consists of several layers of paper. This means you really don’t have to worry that this casket won’t hold the body. The maximum carrying weight is 135 pounds.

Mushroom box

A mushroom coffin is an innovation that speeds up the decomposition of a deceased person’s fabric, making it more environmentally friendly. This particular box is made of mycelium. Mycelium is normally found in the soil and forms a large network of fungal threads that keeps the soil healthy. Trees and plants communicate with each other through this network of fungi and grow better as a result. If this coffin, with a deceased person, is buried, not only does the body break down faster, but the fungus will grow again and continue its work of improving the soil. A living coffin, in other words.

Personal choice

Ultimately, it is important to realize that there is no right or wrong choice of casket or alternative. It is a personal choice that depends on personal beliefs and desires.

This also applies, in the case of cremation, to choosing an urn.