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Farewell, remembering and commemorating is personal. The range of products and services is enormous and many times greater than you can oversee when you have to choose. Waymood stands for quality and its own style and is not necessarily traditional. The Waymood urn is a memorial for your loved one that can be personalized.
Over time, we have come across colleagues in the industry who make and do beautiful things. We would like to introduce you to the most beautiful ones below.


Beerenberg was created in 2014 from the experience of a personal loss, made and painted a coffin himself. It was a wonderful and beautiful experience, an intimate way to deal with grief, the feeling that you can give something important. “Because there were so many personal reactions during the funeral, we started thinking about how we could do this more often. We joined forces and started a company that can make unique coffins with attention and quality."

Mobiele Aula

A mobile funeral home: laying out in a fully equipped funeral home. But then at home or in another, special, self-chosen place.

Huis van Afscheid

As an independent service center, the House of Farewell serves all funeral companies in the process from death to funeral. For example, you can arrange transport for the deceased or use a care room or cooled room. The House also has beautiful public rooms that are accessible 24/7. You can welcome family in the pleasant reception room downstairs and upstairs you will even find a (flexible) office where you can work quietly.