As the bereaved, you want to give a dignified tribute to your loved one, but it can be difficult to choose an urn. Waymood Design Urns offers a solution. With the versatility of design options, eco-friendly production methods and planting a tree for every urn sold, you, the bereaved, can choose a personalized and sustainable urn.

Personalized urn

With Waymood Design Urns, you can choose from 4 different sizes, 6 different (wood) colors and 9 designs. This gives you the opportunity to choose an urn that perfectly suits the personality of your deceased loved one as well as you. Adding personal texts and symbols makes the urn even more meaningful to you and your family.


The Waymood Design Urns are made with 3D printing, using PLA filament filled with wood fibers. This filament is bio-based, making the urns more environmentally friendly and contributing to a more sustainable world. After the printing process, the urns are manually sanded and stained with bio-stain, preserving the natural look of the wood. With this working method, Waymood joins me in the neo-craft movement.

Durable urn

At Waymood, we believe in the power of green, which is why we plant a tree for every urn sold. This is our way of contributing to a better future for our planet. Through this act of permanence, you as the bereaved make a personal and dignified choice for your grieving process.

In short, Waymood Design Urns are a unique, personal and lasting way to say goodbye to and remember a loved one.